Need a no-fuss meal? ZAD restaurants’ frozen meals are perfect for a quick and healthy pop-in-the-oven meal, instantly transporting your taste buds to the Middle East!

Frozen Menu

Steeped in history and tradition, Middle Eastern cuisine offers plenty of fresh, wholesome, healthy, flavorful dishes. These dishes don’t need to be enjoyed at a restaurant only. Take home a frozen meal today!

Kubbah hamud$
Bulgur with ground beef
Potato chab 20 pieces$ 30.00
Eggplant roll 10 pieces$ 25.00
Kubbah al Mosal 1 piece$ 7.00

Kubbah al Sarai$
Falafel 20 pieces$ 18.00
Musakhan roll 10 pieces$ 25.00
Klejah 1 kg$ 25.00

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